Assess Your Risk

How prepared is your organization to comply with Canada’s privacy legislation?

CPI assessors will come to your offices, conduct a full assessment of your readiness, and provide a report outlining your areas of risk. The cost will vary depending on the number of sites and the scope of the assessment, including such issues as:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Procedures
  • Complaint process
  • Chief Privacy Officer role
  • Computer Systems
  • Manual Records/Data Management
  • Level of knowledge re Privacy
  • Computerized Records/Data Management

Assessment Outcomess

Every assessment results in a written report outlining your organization’s strengths and weaknesses regarding personal information privacy and security. We highlight the areas of risk and make recommendations for improvement and risk mitigation. If you choose we can also work with you to correct or strengthen the risk areas, including the creation of a privacy management plan, training your staff, and managing your privacy plan on your behalf.

Annual Re-Assessment

Just as your financial management requires an annual audit, prudent privacy management requires an annual assessment to determine how well your organization is meeting its privacy goals, and to recommend improvements, if any.

Training & Communications

The Canadian Privacy Institute offers education workshops that can be tailored to focus on the Policy and Procedures in your organization. Course attendees will receive a certificate of completion – a reminder to all that your organization takes privacy seriously.