The Canadian Privacy Institute works with your organization to review and assess current organization wide privacy practices to determine where you stand in terms of statutory compliance.


CPI can assist following up with the assess/assessment process to enable organizations to create or update their privacy plan. This includes helping to create a Chief Privacy Officer position, or acting in that CPO position for your organization. Developing procedures to inform, gain and record consent, as well as define access and security. The planning component includes the development of a privacy code which includes: third party agreements, developing a complaints management process, developing a
communication plan and a plan to monitor compliance.


The Canadian Privacy Institute can then work with the organization’s staff as well as third parties to train in the code, policies, tracking systems and complaints process using a variety of workshops and tools.


The CPI offers a variety of posters available for purchase, in either or both French and English. These attractive and well designed posters serve to remind organizations and their customers of their privacy practises and responsibilities. Posters can be customized for your organization and can be ordered in glass covered lockable frames suitable for mounting in staff and/or public areas.


The Canadian Privacy Institute will assess your organization’s privacy practises annually as well as keep you update with and new or evolving legislative standards, federally or provincially.